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IT has changed dramatically in recent years, the technologies available and the capabilities of today’s solutions are very different to what was possible even a decade ago, and we think that this change should be reflected in the approach the IT industry takes.

In the past, IT has not been an industry that people enjoyed dealing with, over-complicated IT systems with high costs and low reliability were not a good platform for anyone. Budgeting was almost impossible with unpredictable costs and lack of expandability meaning even modest growth could require large investment. Above all, though, it is perhaps IT support where failings were most obvious. Expensive, inefficient, we have been in a situation where people dreaded contacting the support network. We think that is not only embarrassing for the It industry, but it is simply wrong.

IT has been, for a long time, a business based on fixing faults. We can do better. Our business is based upon building effective, efficient solutions that work for our clients.

When we design a solution, we design it to fit our client’s needs, not our own predesigned systems, we think this is a better approach. So do our clients.

When we quote a price, then that is the price, that should not be something that has to be said, but it is.

Our solutions are designed not only to suit our client’s needs, but to improve how organisations run, that should be the whole point of improved IT, we make sure it is the reality. We focus on providing the latest technology that truly makes a difference, you can always be sure that if we recommend a solution, it is because it works.

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