Any sufficiently advanced bug is indistinguishable from a feature.

We aim to offer a comprehensive range of services encompassing the wide range of subjects that fall under the IT banner. Our team is highly skilled and knowledgeable, experts in their fields to offer true professional advice and solutions for every situation and bring results that make a real difference for users.

Our specialities are broad, with fully managed IT services providing a simple, cost stable solution to an organizations IT needs with all management, support and upkeep included in its cost. For many businesses today this model is gaining a lot of traction, providing the infrastructure they need without the capital expenditure normally associated with such investment.

Our range of hardware management services, both server and desktop cover everything from server hosting, both dedicated and cloud based, management od servers at our data centre or at clients location and hardware leasing and supply, plus remote management for central support and application management for desktop devices.

Our range of network solutions covers design, managed firewalls, infrastructure installation and management, support and maintenance services and the creation of private networks, both internal and with internet access, load balancing and other maintenance aspects.

Our comprehensive backup services provide automated offsite data backup as well as hot standby hardware solutions for organisations that require data continuity to operate. Our cloud service, using our dedicated data centre, covers virtual servers, hosting and online storage solutions for clients of all sizes.

Each of our specialities is carried out by our highly trained, professional team and have the benefit of our dedication to meeting clients’ needs and our fully integrated support system for users.

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