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Cloud computing brings many advantages to your operation, safe, offsite storage, efficient use of resources and collaboration across multiple sites are just a few of the benefits that cloud based solutions can bring to projects and infrastructure. We have years of expertise with cloud based operation, from simple offsite backups to remote desktop software installations, our Easy Data Centres are set up with huge network capacity to ensure fast response times for hosted cloud services in addition to the more traditional server hosting we also offer. Both benefit from full support and our fully monitored built for purpose data centres to provide true offsite peace of mind whatever your needs.


Our hosting service is incredibly flexible, with both dedicated and virtual servers, all with the scalability to grow with your needs. High quality infrastructure ensures seamless end user experience with incredibly fast response times and the capacity to deal with traffic volume spikes as they occur. Additionally, we can locate hardware and infrastructure at your own location to provide locally hosted, fully managed solutions onsite if that is your preferenceOur highly experienced team can advise on the best approach for any situation and the benefits of each solution.  

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