IT is ever-changing and there is the need to evolve in order to stay relevant.


Easy IT Support understand that where technology was once a support structure for business, it is today the engine that drives your organization forward. Ensuring that engine runs smoothly, reliably and efficiently is essential for continued success, our job is to ensure that happens. With any IT setup usually consisting of multiple hardware vendors and a large number of separate components, finding the expertise to deal with the whole range of processes and challenges such a disparate collection of tech equipment is the key to smooth and reliable performance.

Our team of highly skilled, motivated professionals can deal with all aspects of your IT needs, our team is friendly, knowledgeable and experienced, providing you with the tools you need to grow your business. From cloud based storage and hosting to security, managed hardware to software implementation, we have a solution for your IT services that gives peace of mind from a reliable, cost efficient solution. IT isn’t your business, but it is what your business is built on, ensure those foundations remain strong and well maintained through Easy IT Support.

Cloud and Hosting

Cloud computing brings many advantages to your operation, safe, offsite storage, efficient use of resources and collaboration across multiple sites are just a few of the benefits that cloud based solutions can bring to projects and infrastructure. We have years of expertise with cloud based operation, from simple offsite backups to remote desktop software installations, our Easy Data Centres are set up with huge network capacity to ensure fast response times for hosted cloud services in addition to the more traditional server hosting we also offer. Both benefit from full support and our fully monitored built for purpose data centres to provide true offsite peace of mind whatever your needs.

Our hosting service is incredibly flexible, with both dedicated and virtual servers, all with the scalability to grow with your needs. High quality infrastructure ensures seamless end user experience with incredibly fast response times and the capacity to deal with traffic volume spikes as they occur. Additionally, we can locate hardware and infrastructure at your own location to provide locally hosted, fully managed solutions onsite if that is your preference. Our highly experienced team can advise on the best approach for any situation and the benefits of each solution.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Cloud services can really enhance workflow, add security and provide secure, offsite backup for your business through the variety of options and implementations that can be offered. Whether it is software as a service, cloud backups or cloud storage, through all its different uses, efficient use of the cloud requires adequate infrastructure, bandwidth, storage capacity and hardware that ensure the benefits are seen by all users.

Our Cloud service covers both aspects of this, hosting software as a service, providing cloud storage or collaboration software, as well as cloud backup services are all options for our cloud service. Meanwhile, we can also deal with all infrastructure aspects of the cloud system, and here there are a couple of options. Our own data centres include huge bandwidth and high performance hardware to provide the very best remote performance possible, or we can install hardware and other infrastructure at your own location for running your cloud based systems locally over your own network.

The combination of infrastructure support and maintenance and cloud based expertise we bring provides a complete, reliable and stress free implementation of a tailored cloud solution for your business.

Hybrid Cloud

Because no business is the same, sometimes standard cloud implementations do not adequately fit into every situation, and as such we have our Hybrid Cloud service. This hybrid system uses a combination of private servers, public servers and dedicated hardware to create the perfect cloud solution to fit your budget.

A good example of this would be for an ecommerce site, using dedicated hardware for the database server and cloud servers to host the site itself, allowing a cost efficient implementation to suit both budget and situation. In this setup, the dedicated database server provides the ultimate security and reliability, while cloud servers provide on demand expansion for the best scaling capability as traffic peaks. This flexible approach allows the complete system to take advantage of the benefits of each type of individual component in this way.

Our service can host both onsite at your location or offsite at our dedicated data centre, adding even more flexibility to your solution, providing the exact service your organisation needs. With the options allowing control of cost, scalability, security and maintenance needs, the Hybrid Cloud offers a genuinely unique solution for each individual situation.

Private Cloud

Our Private Cloud service allows your organization to take full advantage of the benefits of cloud computing while retaining the security that your business needs. With your own dedicated hardware at our data centre you have the scalability, performance and support that comes from our professional hosting combines with the single-tenant environment that brings the security you need.

A range of options can be chosen, using Microsoft Cloud Platform, VMware vCloud ® or Openstack environments to match the needs of your project. What is common to each option is the agility to cope with demand and grow with your business and our high bandwidth infrastructure should you choose to utilise our dedicated data centre. Alternatively, we can install the hardware at your own location to have an entirely in house system with on network access, removing public connections completely.

Whichever you choose, the result is a scalable, efficient Private Cloud Solution, without the need to provide the skills and manpower needed to maintain it, with our experts taking on the management and maintenance burden for you.

Software as a service

Having key software hosted and ran centrally on qualified hardware brings many benefits. Central management by the Easy IT team provides a more efficient support structure with controlled costs. Hardware costs are also controlled, with a central solution allowing an organization to leverage the power of the hosting across multiple clients while retaining application performance.

Hosted from our specialised data centre or through our hardware installed at your location, a wide range of collaborative and service applications can be implemented, complete with full managed support, to provide the tools your organization needs quickly and efficiently. With secure access, the always up to date software is accessible by your users ensuring that projects run smoothly and the right tools are always available.

Our expandable cloud servers ensure that you never run out of capacity, backups are always available and the system can grow with your organization. Without the hardware and support requirements in house, software-as-a-service hosting can also be extremely cost efficient. Reliability, scalability and security with a stable cost structure provide the best software-as-a-service for your organization, both now and moving into the future. The agility to adapt to changing requirements without additional capital expenditure on your part ensures this hosting always meets your needs.

Office 365

Office 365 has become a truly marvellous software suite that encourages collaboration and communication between users and increase productivity in any project. With its enterprise class email features as well as cloud based storage and collaboration for all kinds of documents, it is the complete software package for today’s environment.

Our Microsoft Office 365 hosting allows your team to share documents and projects across multiple locations and multiple devices including mobile, creating a dynamic workflow that meets the challenges of the modern work environment. Of course, this hosting also includes the email server that forms the core of the Office 365 environment, creating a secure, easier to maintain central system to manage all communications.

Users can sign in and access emails, read and share calendars with other users, use Office 365’s inbuilt instant messaging system to discuss projects regardless of the location of each user, and have online cloud storage for all important documents.

Without the need for hardware, with externally provided support and security and just an internet connection required for users to access all the benefits, hosted Office 365 solutions are extremely cost effective. With fast hardware and multi-gigabit bandwidth, response times are never an issue, with the hosted Office 365 providing stable and secure communications, collaboration and storage for all users seamlessly.

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Hosted SharePoint

Microsoft’s SharePoint is perhaps the most widely adopted collaboration software available today. It has all the tools needed for successful project operation in today’s work environment. Flexible management options ensure that you are always in control, and the centrally hosted system ensures that management is not time consuming.

By taking advantage of the best hardware available, our multi-gigabit bandwidth and acclaimed support structure, our Microsoft SharePoint hosting solution provides a cutting edge collaboration environment for your projects. With unlimited numbers of users and high levels of security that give full private access for all participants, our hosted SharePoint server provides everything needed.

In addition to using our specialised data centre to host the SharePoint server, we can also install our hardware at your location, enabling even more secure on network access, again fully monitored and managed by us. By removing the need for hardware purchases and in house management, our SharePoint hosting is also extremely cost efficient, providing stable, consistent monthly costs for a complete solution with no heavy upfront investment.

Communication and collaboration are vital in modern business, and SharePoint, deployed in a central system with our hosting provides the ultimate cost efficient platform to operate on.

Hosted Exchange

By taking full advantage of our reliable, fast network and scalable, high performance hosting hardware, you can easily access a high performance, highly responsive and fully managed exchange server without any of the normal upfront hardware costs. Exchange remains the primary mail server available today, offering enterprise level communication management and hosting service provides a fully managed Exchange server, set up by our professionals and backed by our acclaimed support system.

Flexible and agile, this is a hosting service that can grow with your business, and with a choice of hosting at our data centre or through our hardware installed into your own location, there is a hosting package to suit your needs.

While the centrally hosted Exchange server brings many clear benefits, you lose none of the facilities you expect from an Exchange server. Automatic backups to ensure continuity, a full complement of security features to ensure you have safe, spam free email throughout your organisation.

Whether hosted at our purpose designed data centre or at your location, the Exchange server benefits from our acclaimed 24/7 support, expert setup and professional management to ensure that your system is always operating efficiently, up-to-date and securely.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

There are many benefits to cloud storage, but perhaps the most effective use of the technology is as a cost effective storage solution. As a backup system it has everything you may need, offsite, secure and stable as well as the ability to automate those backups, giving complete backup cover for any organization.

By taking these features of cloud storage and adapting them to our disaster recovery service we can provide cost efficient peace of mind for any business. By eliminating the need to purchase hardware and using our data centre for secure, safe offsite storage that provides the ultimate in disaster recovery.

With ongoing replication of servers or data centres, any organization can be sure that whatever happens, data integrity will be maintained and business continuity is always maintained no matter the circumstances.

Our high bandwidth and fast servers ensure speedy response when needed, with our full management expertise behind it to ensure that your disaster recovery solution is always up to date, secure and effective.

Without the need for upfront hardware costs and in-house maintenance, our Cloud Disaster Recovery service provides a cost efficient way to give you complete business continuity and data security for your organisation.

Data Centres

Our Data centres are purpose designed installations that offer high specification hardware coupled to high bandwidth network capacity to provide the perfect platform for all your hosting requirements. Our spacious, cool installations ensure maximum reliability, with industry leading fire protection and power backup for the ultimate in protection.

Full redundancy is built into every centre, and security, both physical and digital being a top priority in all design and operational considerations. Our team of highly skilled engineers provide continual onsite management to ensure service continuity at all times.

While many organisations opt for in-house owned and ran data centres, in today’s fast moving business environment, outsourcing your data centre begins to make a lot of sense. As businesses continue to look for growth while retaining cost management, the ability to remain agile and adapt to changing market conditions is paramount. By using our expertise to operate your data centre, you gain a flexible and expandable system that benefit from a fixed and cost efficient fee with no upfront hardware costs or ongoing management structure needed.

By utilising our expertise, organisations can effectively manage their risks and meet any applicable regulation requirements quickly and efficiently, allowing your management team to focus on your growth rather than the infrastructure of your IT system.

Server Colocation

Colocation seems to be the best of both worlds, servers you own, safely secured and maintained at a dedicated data centre by experts. This gives you the ultimate level of control of your hardware, but negates the need for in-house expertise and staffing to maintain it. We have taken this idea, and improved it to provide a truly turn-key operation for your server needs.

Bu housing your server at our purpose built data centre you gain the peace of mind of a safe, secure and maintained location for your server, fully manned by our expert engineers and with all the relevant safety and disaster systems in place. Peace of mind for your organisation without the expense of internal expertise or premises to site your hardware.

Our Server Colocation service benefits from our knowledgeable and friendly team and the 24/7 support they provide. From implementation to operation, we are there to help you each step of the way, ensuring that your server is always operating not just efficiently, but effectively, just as you need it to.

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