All in one you need in one place

Cloud services can really enhance workflow, add security and provide secure, offsite backup for your business through the variety of options and implementations that can be offered. Whether it is software as a service, cloud backups or cloud storage, through all its different uses, efficient use of the cloud requires adequate infrastructure, bandwidth, storage capacity and hardware that ensure the benefits are seen by all users.

Our Cloud service covers both aspects of this, hosting software as a service, providing cloud storage or collaboration software, as well as cloud backup services are all options for our cloud service. Meanwhile, we can also deal with all infrastructure aspects of the cloud system, and here there are a couple of options. Our own data centres include huge bandwidth and high performance hardware to provide the very best remote performance possible, or we can install hardware and other infrastructure at your own location for running your cloud based systems locally over your own network.

The combination of infrastructure support and maintenance and cloud based expertise we bring provides a complete, reliable and stress free implementation of a tailored cloud solution for your business.

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