Great computer hardware is only a doorstop without great software

Hardware & Software

By partnering with all major IT vendors we are able to supply a constantly growing range of products and peripherals through a sensible, straightforward purchase system. Our flexible ordering process allows online purchases through our web based tech store, or through one of our highly qualified and knowledgeable procurement team members.

Our procurement team are quick to respond, and with vendor neutrality will offer reliable, effective advice and recommendations to meet your precise needs. With years of expertise in the IT industry, our team will save you money, not just from discounts obtained through our vendor relationships, but through our technical understanding of what will work best for you.

Our team offers a guaranteed 4 hour response for any query, because we fully understand how valuable your time is, and with our extensive range of products we can meet your requirements, first time, every time. We have access to all the latest technology at the best available prices, ensuring that your investment produces fully up to date solutions for all of your IT needs.

Our flexible payment system ensures that upfront costs can be significantly reduced, including a leasing option that allows your organisation to avoid heavy capital investment while still benefitting from the latest IT architecture you need to remain competitive.

Our friendly, dedicated team will never leave you waiting, offering the same excellent customer service you expect from Easy IT, and provide you with unbiased, vendor neutral advice to arrive at the very best IT solutions for your situation, both in terms of suitable hardware and finance method.

With an online store for convenience and our expert team for genuine, unbiased advice and support, our procurement service brings world class purchasing methodology to your organisation.

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