The foundation of good help desk support is the ability to organize your workload, prioritize tickets, and monitor ticket management.


With IT not just an aid to business operation today, but the power that drives any business operation, and without which any business would struggle to function, having adequate support and operational reliability is a cornerstone of today’s business environment. We understand this, and our IT support service is designed with this in mind to fully reflect the level of IT integration today’s businesses have.

Professional, friendly and highly skilled, a call to our IT support system is not, unlike many, a cause for dread. The reputation of IT support is not good, and it is our mission to change that, with efficient, friendly assistance that helps your staff through any situation quickly and easily, to return them to productivity as quickly as possible. IT used to mean stress and expense, but Easy IT Support is here to make a difference.

Our acclaimed support system is in operation 24/7 with a full priority response system in place to ensure severe problems get attention as quickly as possible. Our world class support package is not restricted to client interaction however, with a full interactive knowledgebase available for self-help and fast solutions to minor issues, and our system features comprehensive reporting and data analysis to ensure that issue trends are noticed quickly.

IT support is not, of course, just about firefighting when things go wrong, we favour a proactive solution that monitors your system for potential problems, as this gives us the ability to solve them before it affects users at all. This is by far the most efficient way to deal with IT, but for some things this is of course not always possible. Here our user portal based support system provides everything end users need.

Online Help Desk

Manned by knowledgeable and experienced customer service agents, the help desk with its remote support facility ensures all end user issues are dealt with in a friendly, satisfactory and timely manner.

Knowledge base

Online knowledgebase for self-help or guidance for end users keeps important solutions or instructions available without requiring further input. The most efficient form of support for smaller issues.

Reports and Analysis

Allows you to keep track of types and volume of problems being addressed, responses and solutions implemented.

The other aspect of IT support is the support and maintenance of both hardware and software onsite. Our trained professional engineers deal with all aspects of server and infrastructure maintenance at your location, operating efficiently and with as little intrusion into your operation as possible to ensure that your system integrity is maintained at all times.

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